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EZEBREAK is the manufacturer and marketer of the Micro-Blaster ™ product line, a suite of patented rock breaking equipment used by contractors, excavators, and other field workers to enable the efficient removal of boulders, concrete structures, and rock formations. The Micro-Blaster ™ equipment is an affordable, portable, lightweight, and easily operated device that may be used in many instances where much costlier techniques are typically required, resulting in a considerable reduction of cost and time.

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The Micro-Blaster™ product line is an innovative solution to the problem of demolishing large rock or masonry structures. The equipment can be used by public works departments, rural landowners, road crews, landscape contractors, installers of underground water, electric, gas, or sewer lines, and National Park and Forest Service employees engaged in back country trail building and maintenance as well as personnel involved in rescue. New customers include people involved in Geology, Mineralogy, Paleontology, Mineral Exploration, Lapidary and other related subjects.

Micro-Blaster is reliable, easy to use and safe. The best feature of this amazing product is that it SAVES TIME AND MONEY.

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