What Is Crackit?

CrackIt is a non-explosive, controlled demolition agent, designed to replace the traditional explosive methods of quarrying and demolition. It works by cracking reinforced concrete, rock, limestone, granite and marble simply and safely.

Boulder drilled in preparation to break with Crackit
Boulder broken with Crackit

CrackIt allows for small, confined spaces to be safely demolished, such as tight quarters with piping or wiring. It can also be used in fresh water environments such as lakes and rivers, with no harmful affects to plants and wildlife.

Demolition, breaking and cutting can be used according to working scheme, and it is very easy to crunch the remaining reinforced concrete structures in demolition. CrackIt is simply poured into the same type of drilled holes that explosives would be placed into, but works in a safer, more controlled and environmentally friendly manner.

Demolition and Concrete Cutting

Demolition of mass reinforced concrete; foundations for machinery, piers, pillars, beams, bridges, retaining walls; partial demolition of various concrete structures; and reinforced concrete cutting.

Step dismantled with Crackit
Swimming pool demolition with Crackit

CrackIt can also be used to weaken and collapse building structures, whichis far more cost effective and safer than using explosives.

CrackIt can be applied in the field where explosives may not be suitable, or in close quarters where large equipment cannot reach, or dust contamination is not acceptable. It also allows for safe and fast clean up.

Stone Quarrying and Dimension

Non-explosive limestone, onyx, marble and granite quarrying; controlled expansive cracking to avoid waste of valuable stone.


CrackIt can be used safely, while providing controlled expansive cracking. It can also be used to achieve the perfect slabs and blocks from onyx, marble, granite, or any other type of stone.

Excavation and Rock Breaking

Excavation of rock; splitting of boulders; rock and slab breaking for road expansion; resident development; excavation associated with tunneling; trenching shaft sinking; and various types of construction work.

With so many regulations to follow in terms of safety and the environment, CrackIt is rapidly becoming the preferred choice.

Simply the Better Choice

  • Soundless and safe
  • No vibrations or flying rocks
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional methods of
  • quarrying and demolition
  • Amazing 18 000 lb/inch3 (500 kg/cm3) expansive
  • strength when mixed with common water
  • Easy to use-just mix with water, pour into holes and
  • let it expand
  • To dispose, simply dissolve the unused portion in
  • water - no left over chemical residue or fumes
  • Cracks reinforced concrete, rock, limestone, granite
  • and marble - quietly and safely
  • No special permit, training or equipment required